Refunds & Cancellation Policy


For the sake of hygiene considerations, we regret to inform you that we do not facilitate returns or exchanges for our products.


At Amirah Collective, we uphold a strict no-refund policy for all sales. In the unlikely event of issues such as theft, loss, or damage, kindly reach out to us at to assess your eligibility for a potential refund.

By engaging in a purchase from our store, you acknowledge and accept our unequivocal stance on no cancellations, returns, or exchanges. All sales are considered final. Regrettably, we are unable to accommodate requests for cancellations, returns, or exchanges, regardless of the circumstances. We highly recommend thoroughly reviewing your intended purchase before finalizing your transaction. Once the transaction is concluded, it becomes non-cancellable and non-returnable. Should you have inquiries or concerns pertaining to your purchase, we urge you to contact our dedicated customer service team before completing the transaction. It is important to note that we reserve the right to decline service to individuals who endeavor to dispute this policy with their financial institution or bank.

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