Order Seamoss Gel!

Hi loves! My name is Bresha, Amirah Co.'s CEO/Creative Director and I make a limited batch of Seamoss Gel each week for LOCAL pick up/delivery. Delivery Fee varies by location. We are located in Silver Spring, Maryland. Pick Up/Delivery are currently available Saturday-Sunday 9am-3pm EST. We provide 1 Flavor and 1 Plain option each week.

Flavors vary by week and will be updated here each Monday. The flavor will also be updated on the product title & description

How to Pre Order

Placing pre-orders at the beginning of the week ensures quicker turn around. Seamoss is made 1-2 days before delivery/pick up. Orders are reviewed daily throughout the week! Order first and you're first on the list to receive your Seamoss! 

Mon-Thursday pre-orders are available for pick up/delivery Saturday-Sunday**

Orders placed over the weekend Friday-Sunday or available for pick up/delivery the following weekend.


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Seamoss can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 weeks depending on the temperature of your fridge. It can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months

Cancellation of orders

We do not offer cancellation or refunds of order. Ordering Seamoss is the same as ordering all other products from Amirah Co. Due to the nature of the product, once the order is made it is processed and the processing cannot be cancelled.  Late Pick Up days- Pick ups can be rescheduled with prior email notice. Please email us @ amirahcollective@gmail.com Late pick up days  are only offered Monday-Tuesday of the following week. Any orders not picked up Monday-Tuesday will no longer be available for pick up and refunds are not available. Please pick up your order at the time you schedule with us! We offer 4 days of the week for pick ups. 2 weekend days and 2 weekdays.


Order & Pick Up Days Summary 

  • Monday-Thursday Orders
    • Pick up Days Saturday - Sunday 
  • Friday-Sunday Orders
    • Pick up Days Saturday-Sunday of the following weekend
  • Monday-Tuesday- Late Pick Up days (*this is based on orders placed Monday-Thursday of the previous week)

Thank you so much for ordering with me.  Seamoss is one of my favorite herbs and I am happy to share it's beauty with you! 


Bresha, xoxo

Please note the FDA disclaimer available on our Disclaimer Page.